Yikes: Anti-Lockdown Protesters Decided To Sing John Farnham At A Melb Shopping Centre Today

There was yet another anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne today, but this time at Chadstone Shopping Centre, and for god knows what reason they started singing John Farnham‘s You’re The Voice.

However, within just a few minutes the protest was all over, just like John Farnham’s career…

Protesters were told to disperse in order to avoid the police, and shortly afterwards police arrived to quell the protest threat. Of course, by then the protestors had already left, probably to do some shopping seeing as they were already there.

At least three public order response teams and a number of police cars turned up at Chadstone 15 minutes after the protesters broke up. According to crime reporter Aneeka Simonis, the protest itself lasted as long as a dud root…”three minutes.”

Chadstone’s security are now turning people away from the shopping centre entrance. The police confirmed two arrests and six fines were issued over the anti-lockdown rally. A man was also taken away for questioning shortly after the protests took place.

The protests today come after 16 people were arrested and 21 fines were issued to protesters who gathered at Elsternwick Park yesterday. Police chased about 100 anti-lockdown protesters at the park, who then fled towards Elwood. Some of the protesters were chased by police on horseback.

Last week 250 protesters gathered at the Queen Victorian Market in Melbourne’s CBD, clashing with police in amongst the fruit and vegetable section. At the protest police protested 74 people and handed out more than $500,000 worth of fines. This is the third consecutive week of anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne, just a week before the second stage of Daniel Andrews‘ roadmap will come into affect for Metro Melbourne.

“We are frustrated that these people continue to put the lives of Victorians at risk,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman told The Age.

“Police are playing an important role by enforcing the directions of the Chief Health Officer so we can limit the spread of coronavirus.”

These anti-lockdown protests really seem to be getting progressively more random and unorganised: From walking down the streets of Meadow Heights, jumping into Albert Park lake and now singing at Chadstone Shopping Centre. This is what they mean when they say chaotic evil.