Laming Is Being Investigated By Cops For Allegedly Taking A Non-Consensual Lewd Pic Of A Woman

andrew laming

Federal Coalition MP Andrew Laming is set to face police investigation after allegations that he took a non-consensual lewd photo of a woman in Queensland.

Crystal White began the process of lodging a formal complaint against Laming at the Cleveland Police Station on Monday.

She alleges that Laming took a photo of her behind while she was stacking a bar fridge at a landscaping supplies company in Queensland without her consent. The alleged incident took place in 2019.

“I’ve documented the incident for now and that’s all I want to say,” White told 9News outside the police station.

Following White’s statement, a male witness of the alleged incident arrived to give a further statement to police, telling 9News that he was “just here to tell my version of events and just here to support Crystal.”

Further witnesses, including a coworker, have come forward to support Crystal’s claims, with one colleague alleging that their manager saw the ordeal take place and allegedly took action.

“He saw the phone directed at Crystal while she was bent over or bending over to fill up a drinks fridge, and Cameron then asked Andrew to have a look at his phone and saw what was on there, and asked Andrew Laming to delete the photo,” her coworker Sean Blinco told the ABC.

“The photo showed Crystal bending over and her underwear exposed over the top of her shorts that she was wearing.”

The news comes after Laming was ordered to take an empathy training course by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

But despite multiple allegations of bullying and harassment against Laming in recent weeks, he is yet to be sacked by Scott Morrison. However, he has announced that he will be resigning at the next election.

Police are yet to comment on the situation.

More to come.