A Liberal Candidate Quit After She Was Busted Spreading 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

A Liberal candidate in the upcoming Western Australian election has quit after it was discovered that she’s been spreading 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories online, The West Australian reports.

Back in April, Baldavis candidate Andrea Tokaji published an opinion piece on a self-described “politically and theologically conservative website” which pushed a whole slew of conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

“So, how is 5G technology linked to COVID-19?” she wrote.

“The fact is: humans are made up of vibrations, and an interference with our molecular structure by outside environmental forces such as radio waves, satellite signalling or electromagnetic fields that are introduced to our biological system poisons it, killing our DNA or damaging its functionality and ability to regenerate.

“The radiation that is emitted into the airwaves is attacking our immune system and our neuron functioning, leading to the most vulnerable in our communities such as the elderly, the young and those with pre-existing medical conditions more susceptible to air-borne viruses.”

Of course, all of this is bullshit. The conspiracy theory that 5G waves ~somehow~ caused the coronavirus pandemic is complete and utter nonsense.

Tokaji also claimed that the Spanish Flu in 1918 “coincided with the introduction of radar equipment installation”, which is a decidedly historical take on this pseudoscientific and dangerous theory.

As a candidate in Perth, she also linked the conspiracy theory with local issues.

“In Western Australia, while we are in self-isolation, 5G towers are being rolled out, against our knowledge – despite the known under-reported health risks,” she wrote, ignoring the fact that the 5G rollout is, in fact, happening with our (and her) knowledge.

Finally, she claimed the whole pandemic was an attempt by the Chinese government and the World Health Organisation to profit off of human suffering, and to impose global control “through [the] One World Order or Agenda 21”.

The article was basically a luckydip for conspiracy theories by that point.

On top of that, she also posted prolifically about coronavirus conspiracy theories on Facebook throughout 2020.

Tokaji styles herself as an international human rights lawyer, anti-slavery lobbyist and former youth pastor. While it’s unclear if these claims are a massive stretch, she does appear to be a part-time law lecture at Perth’s Sheridan College.

Thankfully, WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup has completely distanced the WA Liberals from Tokaji and her claims.

“Reading those comments, I was disappointed and quite concerned,” he said.

“More than anything I consider them dangerous conspiracy theories.

“The first policy I announced as leader was to back the advice of the Chief Health Officer without hesitation and to make that advice public.

“I have acted to make sure there is absolutely no question about where we stand on COVID-19.”

Great. Now if only somebody in the federal Liberal Party could say the same about Craig Kelly