Alan Jones Legit Compared A-League Hooliganism To Acts Of Terror

Radio shock jock Alan Jones has started this week off by comparing A-League hooliganism – specifically, the gross culture surrounding the game – to gutless acts of terror, like those carried out in Paris. Yup. That actually happened. Let’s unpack that, shall we?

Jones was on his regular ol’ breakfast program on 2GB, chatting to Daily Telegraph sportz reporter Rebecca Wilson, who yesterday publicly named the alleged 198 people banned from attending games by Football Federation Australia.

“There’s a cultural problem within the sport,” she said, both her and Jones referring to the so-called ‘shame file’ on banned people. “14 pages out of the 40 page file belongs to the Western Sydney Wanderers. I spoke to their boss, to David Gallop, and they took believe that there is no cultural problem, it is just a small minority causing a lot of trouble.” 
“They’ve got their heads in the sand at the FFA if they don’t believe this is the worst sport in Australia.” 

The well-suited pair went back and forth in scandalous tones about the violence – “One of them was a kindergarten teacher” Well that’s staggering, one of them a KINDERgarten teacher“, etc – which, okay, is not great. Violence has no place in sport, or anywhere. But – ugh. UGH. – this is about the time Jones brought out this doozy:

“Is this like terrorism in Paris, the leaders have no guts?” he asked Wilson.

“That’s exactly right, that’s exactly right Alan,” she replied. “This culture must be fixed from within. You can have so many arrests and all those sort of things but it must be fixed from within.”

Go on, in the bin with the pair of you:

If you can stand it, here’s the full interview:

Image: Brendan Thorne via Getty.