Philosopher, bestselling author and all ’round contemporary wise man Alain de Botton is heading to Australia on a tour for new book: Religion For Atheists: a Nonbeliever’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.

With his latest tome de Botton – himself an aetheist – explores the idea that ‘nonbelievers’ can still take positive lessons away from the principles and messages of organised religions.

de Botton’s fascinating theorising has the ability to enlighten even the most wary of skeptics; he is, after all, the founder of the acutely inclusive School Of Life – that’s an actual school for learning how to live (not to be confused with the made-for-television Ryan Reynolds vehicle of the same name).

Want to learn life? Put these dates in your diaries!

Alain de Botton Australian Book Launch, Religion for Atheists
21st February Melbourne Town Hall, lecture
23rd February Sydney Opera House talk
24th February Brisbane lecture