Airport Queues Are Fkd As Apparently Everyone Is Leaving Melb And Sydney This Long Weekend


Melbourne and Sydney airports are completely cooked this morning because tens of thousands of holidayers are attempting to flee the cold ahead of the long weekend.

Travellers posted photos on Twitter on Friday showing queues for baggage check-in running outside and down the footpath and hugely dense crowds of people trying to get through security. Queues started backing up around 5am and got worse throughout the morning.

Reports said around 80,000 people were expected to move through Sydney airport today and almost 100,000 through Melbourne airport.

Hope they all arrived the recommended three-hours ahead of boarding time.

It’s expected to be Melbourne airport’s busiest day since COVID-19 boarder restrictions lifted.

But this isn’t the first time airports have been bedlam this year. It also happened around the last school holidays in April.

Thousands of people queued for hours across two days of chaos, which Qantas CEO Alan Joyce later blamed on the passengers. Apparently everyone forgot to take their aerosols out of their carry on which fucked the entire airport system.

Reports have said staff shortages could also be to blame. Also funny because didn’t airlines fire aa bunch of people in 2020 and 2021? Huh.

This also comes after massive delays and queues at passport renewal offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It seems we simply cannot leave this godforsaken place.

If you’re flying tonight or even tomorrow maybe you should head over and line up now. Good luck.