Agent Provocateur Sex, Fashion & A Comic book

Hurrah for Agent Provocateur! Finally a comic book with semi-naked woman running around in bondage, nipple tassels and lacy lingerie trying to save the world, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for right?

Some say yes, some say no.

Agent Provocateur, the sexually explicit lingerie designer label, has finally decided to appeal to the geeks of our world by creating a comic book called New World Order: Mission to Earth.

In true Provocateur style, a sexy, super-hero themed photo shoot features throughout the comic doubling it as a catalogue for their August lingerie range. Oh so smart.

Gone are the days when women were the damsels in distress waiting for a big, strong man – sporting steroid sized muscles and socks shoved in his crotch – to come save the day. The comic portrays females as strong and fearless superheros, depicting them as the dominant not the dominated.

Mission to Earth appeals to both the reader’s geeky and sexual side. However, it’s not only your classic male geek reading the comic for a quick thrill, but also strong, dominant women…or those who want to be.

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