A Popular Pet Food Is Under Investigation After 8 Dogs Had To Be Euthanased

After a huge recall of Advance Dermocare‘s dry dog food last month, ABC‘s 7.30 has revealed that the recalled food is being investigated as a link to a large number of dogs developing a serious illness – with some having to be put down.

A study conducted by Melbourne University found around 65 known cases where the pup had eaten the dry food and subsequently contracted megaesophagus, a rare condition where the oesophagus stiffens and enlarges to a point where the dog can’t swallow food without assistance. Of these 65 cases, it’s been reported that eight dogs were euthanased due to the illness and the toll it takes on the animal.

The recall itself was sparked by the Victorian Police, who contacted Advance Dermocare’s parent company, Mars, when nine of the animals in their dog squad who were being fed the dry food developed megaesophagus, resulting in one dog needing to be put down.

During the investigation, 7.30 put the call out to pet owners and vets asking for stories of dogs that had developed the rare condition, and one owner got in touch with a homemade solution for their pet’s situation – they fashioned a chair of sorts to pop their golden retriever, Holly, in for feed time.

The wooden structure keeps Holly up on her hind legs and lets gravity work her food down her throat and into her stomach (with a bit of help from chest and tummy rubs).

This kind of feeding situation isn’t a rare thing, though. Plenty of pups who are living with the rare condition have their own little upright feeding stations, with Bailey chairs helping the precious angels eat their food with assistance.