Adelaide City Council Announces Deal To Use 100% Renewable Energy By July 2020

adelaide renewable

In what can only be described as a huge win for the planet, the City of Adelaide has announced that it will be moving to 100% renewable energy as of July 2020.

The Adelaide City Council recently revealed that the power for all council operations and council-owned facilities will be powered by entirely renewable sources as art of a partnership with Flow Power.

Flow Power will supply the council’s energy with a combination of wind and solar power generated within South Australia. Using wind farms in the state’s mid-north and the newly built solar energy farms on the Eyre Peninsula, Flow Power will be able to fully sustain the council’s resources using renewable sources.

According to Sandy Verschoor, Adelaide’s Lord Mayor, the partnership is a part of the city’s goal of being completely carbon neutral, and will help to halve the current operational emissions by the council.

“The City of Adelaide is taking climate change seriously and this partnership demonstrates that we are taking real and meaningful action,” she said.

“From the 1 July 2020, if it’s run by the City of Adelaide, it’s being powered by renewable electricity.”

“This means that all our corporate and community buildings, council event infrastructure, electric vehicle chargers, barbecues in the Park Lands, water pumps, street lighting and traffic lights – everything that council operates – will be powered by renewable electricity.”

In addition to helping to save the planet, the new deal also saves 20% on the city’s current energy contract, proving that being environmentally friendly can also mean being budget-friendly.

Flow Power co-founder David Evans is confident the partnership will be a long-term relationship to help the council reach their goal of carbon neutrality.

“We view this as a long-term partnership, which will empower the city to fulfil its ambitious climate commitments and create opportunities to support the energy system,” he said, according to One Step Off The Grid.

“It’s evident that South Australia is a world leader in renewable energy. We have seen significant growth since opening our Adelaide office and are committed to driving the uptake of renewable energy in the state for the long-term,” he said.

Adelaide may not be able to measure up to the eastern cities when it comes to nightlife or events, but when it comes to taking climate change seriously, South Australia is really doing their part.