A Three-Story Mural Of AFL Great Adam Goodes Is Being Painted In Sydney Right Bloody Now

A huge Adam Goodes mural is currently being painted in Sydney’s Surry Hills, and bloody hell do we love to see it.

The mural of the AFL great is going up on the corner of Foveaux and Crown, outside the EzyMart.

According to a tweet from the Sydney Morning Herald, the mural has been commissioned by the building’s owner. IDK who the owner is, but I would like to buy them at least one (1) beer.

Look at those eyes. Look at that ‘mo. It’s a Goodesy without his trademark beard, which raises questions of its own but makes me desperate to see the final product.

We’re not entirely sure who the artist is, either, but it doesn’t look to be prolific Sydney street artist Scotty Marsh – it’s not his style, and he hasn’t posted a teaser on Instagram yet. (Do you know? Email us: editor@pedestriangroup.com.au.)

Photo: Getty.

There’s far too many unknowns here to speculate as to why it’s going up now, but it’s certainly timely. Australia and the world is right now focusing with renewed energy on racism in policing, sport and beyond, and last year the AFL finally apologised to Goodes for its mishandling of the racist abuse he was subject to.

“Instead of masking racism, we need to deal with it day to day,” Goodes told The Guardian in a powerful interview published in March (which you should absolutely read, right here). “It’s how we beat it.”