Ad Standards Says That Lamb Ad Is Suitable For Vegans (And Everyone Else)

ICYMI, Meat and Livestock Australia went big this year. BIG. HUGE. 

They commissioned the eternally sardonic Lee Lin Chin for a little ad ya might have seen, where she heads up ‘Operation Boomerang‘ and calls in the entire fkn special forces to rescue the poor expats who have no hope – NONE WHATSOEVER – of eating lamb on Australia Day

It ended up being the most complained advert in Australian history. It somehow got even more complaints than those Ashley Madison ‘cheat on your wife tonight’ ads.

You can watch it here:

However, today the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) ruled that the ad was not offensive, and would not be taken off television or online channels. 
In a statement today, they said this:
“In the majority of the Board’s view a depiction of torching of the vegan food is an exaggerated and humorous response to the food that is not lamb – a portrayal of the food being less preferable to the advertised product, and not inciting hatred towards people who are vegan.”

“In making a determination about concerns about the term ‘boomerang’, the Board noted that most members of the community would be familiar with the origins of a boomerang and its connection to Indigenous Australians.

“The Board also noted, however, the Macquarie Dictionary definition of ‘boomerang’ to include a colloquial meaning of ‘something that is expected to be returned’. The Board noted that other than the use of the word ‘boomerang’ the advertisement does not depict, refer to or parody any Indigenous Australians or Aboriginal culture.”

“Specifically, the Board noted complaints that the overall look and feel of the advertisement is violent and suggestive of terrorist attacks, that it is too violent for children and that the scene of a SWAT team member using a flamethrower is violent.
“In its careful consideration of these concerns the Board noted that the advertisement is clearly a depiction of a fantasy situation where SWAT-style teams are bringing Australians back to Australia for Australia Day.

“The Board agreed there are exaggerated and unrealistic situations which have a look and feel of a movie and that scenes of a SWAT member coming in through a window or ceiling are clearly in this vein.

“Similarly breaking down the door of the man in the vegan scene is consistent with the fantasy movie feel of the advertisement. In the majority Board’s view these images are all clearly fantasy and unrealistic and are not depictions of violence nor are they likely to encourage similar behaviour in real life.”
To that last point:
Source: mUmbrella
Photo: Youtube.