Aussies Officially More Pissed By An Ad About Lamb Than Pro-Infidelity

Despite being championed by Australian hero and national darling Lee Lin Chin, the ‘Operation Boomerang’ ad for eating lamb on Australia Day is now the most complained about ad of all time. 

ICYMI, this is the video:
This arvo, the Advertising Standards Bureau reached more than 500 complaints about the ad, breaking its previous record. Which was that gnarly Ashley Madison ‘Someone other than your wife’ crapola that actively promoted infidelity. 
The ASB now have to consider whether the advert promotes ‘violence against vegans’. Which is kind of weird, because that phrasing makes it sound like they are a marginalised, oppressed group. Which they’re not.
People have even gone so far as to make reaction videos – one of which includes Lee Lin Chin proclaiming ‘Commence Operation Boomerang’, before cutting to graphic imagery of lambs being slaughtered:
WARNING: This footage is graphic and may upset some viewers.
Anyway, isn’t this diverse country with its differing opinions and cultures and ideas just an excellent melting pot of wonderfulness? It really is. Maybe that’s what we should celebrate on Australia Day. Ja feel?
Source: Mumbrella.
Image: Youtube.