The ACT Just Legalised Personal Weed Use & We Are Lake Burley Spliffin

The ACT Parliament has successfully passed legislation that will see the personal use of marijuana fully legalised in the territory, becoming the first jurisdiction in Australia to do so in the process.

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The ACT’s Legislative Assembly passed a private member’s bill, introduced by Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, that will allow people in the territory to carry and possess 50 grams of weed, and will also allow for a maximum of four plants per household to be grown. Despite predictable opposition from the Liberal Party, the bill passed with support from the Greens.

The landmark bill will come into effect from January 31st, 2020 and will apply to all ACT residents over the age of 18.

Interestingly enough, the legislation presents some strange and conflicting challenges for residents.

For starters, the possession of cannabis remains outlawed under Commonwealth law, however it remains unlikely that the bill will be challenged by Federal lawmakers, meaning it has a fair chance to be freely applied in the ACT without Commonwealth interference or overruling.

Secondly, while the legislation legalises personal marijuana use, possession, and cultivation, the sale and distribution of weed will remain a crime in the ACT, meaning it’s not exactly clear how the law expects people to obtain the weed in the first place.

Finally, police officials have bafflingly warned that the simple act of passing a joint at a party would still be considered a crime in the ACT, as it technically constitutes supply.

Regardless, the legalisation of weed for personal use is a huge step forward given the vehement resistance from the rest of Australia’s lawmakers.

Hell yeah, ACT! Who’s bloody keen to suck down a jazz cigarette and watch the lightning cage at Questacon for 7 hours YOU BEAUT.