A New ‘Over-The-Phone Abortion’ Service Has Been Named After Tony Abbott

In a case of supreme irony, a new service that gives women access to medical abortions over the phone, without the need to visit a doctor or pharmacist for the drugs, has been named after Tony Abbott.

Called The Tabbot Foundation, the service will assess women over the phone and post them the abortion drug RU486, as well as provide a 24-hour help line.

And it’s been named after Tony. Abbott.

That’s because – thanks to being stripped his power to veto – Abbott was health minister when RU486 was approved. The foundation has also named after Tanya Plibersek, who publicly funded the drug in 2013.

According to reports, The Tabbot Foundation will be provided nationwide, and will halve the costs of abortion as they currently stand. Women will be able to call 1800 180 800, be referred to a local (probably bulk-billing) provider for blood tests and an ultrasound, and, if the pregnancy is viable and less than 63 days, be mailed RU486, prophylactic antibiotics, painkillers and anti-nausea drugs – all for $250.

It will provide medical termination in a lot of parts of the country where it’s not available at all, but it will also provide an option for women that is probably going to be a lot cheaper than the other clinics,” said Reproductive Choice Australia co-president Jenny Ejlak to Fairfax.

Find out more about The Tabbot Foundation HERE.

Picture: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.
via Fairfax.