A Cassie Sainsbury Diet & Fitness Book Can Be Yours For A Low Low $22

If you happen to be in the market for a really weird Cassie Sainsbury memento, then you’re in luck, as over the weekend, somebody uncovered a diet and fitness book, written by Sainsbury herself and available for sale online.
Sainsbury, who is currently incarcerated in Colombia and facing drug-smuggling charges, had worked as a personal trainer while in Australia, and self-published the book, entitled Shape Yourself In 8 Weeks, in 2015. 
“Are you ready to start a weight-loss journey that will help you achieve your goals?” she asks readers, promising an instant improvement to those who take on the eight-week challenge.
The book recommends a strict regimen of weight training and exercise, seven days a week (with Saturday nights off), and focuses on dieting as well as “training the mind.”
The book criticises expensive “fad” diets and focuses on healthy eating, with breakfasts including yogurt with prunes, ham and chive omelettes and porridge with brown sugar, and advice to drink water before meals. 
“Don’t let people put you down, even if you don’t finish the program, don’t be sad,” she writes. “You made that first step and you tried, if you fall off the wagon, jump back on and give it your all.”
Should you so desire, you can grab Sainsbury’s book for $52.25 from Booktopia, but it’s currently on sale from Amazon for the low low price of $22. 
Sainsbury is accused of trying to smuggle 5.8kg of cocaine out of Colombia in her suitcase. She maintains her innocence, with her lawyer saying she was unwittingly lured into a scheme via a Craigslist ad.
Source: The New Daily.
Photo: Supplied.