23 Jump Street Is Officially Happening

This is a pretty simply equation to figure out. 21 Jump Street is released in 2012 and turns out to be the surprise hit comedy film of the year, raking in over US$200million at the box office. With that kind of return you jump at the chance to make a sequel, naturally. So then this year rolls around and 22 Jump Street is released. It too is gut-bustingly funny, and it too makes money hand-over-fist, raking in well over US$300million so far. If this were Las Vegas, you’d be standing at the craps table rolling bones like nobody’s business – a hot hand the likes of which you rarely see. Do you play it conservative and pull your money off the table just when the things are really starting to heat up? HELL NO. You let that shit ride.

So it should come as absolutely no surprise to any of you to learn that Sony Pictures has officially shone the greenest of lights on a third instalment in the franchise, to be unsurprisingly titled 23 Jump Street.
We know that both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are already well and truly on board with episode number three – the pair’s comedic chemistry has been something of an unexpected goldmine and a third film wouldn’t happen without both on board – and that screenwriter Rodney Rothman, who helped pen 22 has been tapped to put words to paper for 23.
The only remaining question is whether or not directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will come back for a third dip. The job is reportedly theirs if they want it, but they’re yet to officially sign on. Between this and The Lego Movie, Lord and Miller make up one of the most sought-after directing teams in Hollywood currently – at this point they could probably pitch directing Gary Busey pooping in a bucket hat and a studio would still give them a $100million budget.
So with the first film taking place in a High School, and the second following the natural progression to college, where does film number three go from here? Grad school? Community college? Adult education? A dance academy? Time will tell.
23 Jump Street probably won’t hit cinemas for another couple of years. But hey, good news deserves celebrating.
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.

via FilmDrunk.