12 Arrested In East London Raid After Horrific Van And Knife Terror Attack

Twelve people have been arrested in connection with the terror attack in London on Saturday night, which left seven people dead and at least 48 injured.

The arrests were made in the east London suburb of Barking, after police raided a flat belonging to one of the three attackers. Police are continuing searches of other addresses in the suburb.
In a statement, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said “we are making significant progress in identifying the three attackers,” and that “work is ongoing to understand more about them, their connections and whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else.”
After a van was driven into pedestrians on London Bridge, the three men exited the vehicle and began stabbing pedestrians in the nearby Borough Market precinct. 

Armed police officers were on the scene within eight minutes of the first emergency call. All three attackers were shot dead by police.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that two Australians were “directly affected” by the incident, including Brisbane woman Candice Hodge. 

Hodge is recovering in hospital after having her throat slashed.

We’ll update this story as more details emerge.
Source: BBC / Reuters / Metropolitan Police.
Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty.