Young Thug AKA SEX Just Noped Out Of Another Aussie Tour

SEX will not be happening Down Under, I repeat Barnaby Joyce – (just kidding) –  Young Thug has pulled out of the first ever Sydney City Limits music festival and his own damn Aussie Tour because he fucked up his visa application.

Nice one mate.

Appaz he didn’t comply with the visa requirements and ran out of time to secure another one before the festival because America’s a three day flight and cruise away. So yep, it’s all cancelled.

I dunno, maybe it’s because he changed his name to SEX because as us Aussies know, too much sex on the mind can result in very awkward things. And yes just in case you missed that, Young Thug really did change his stage name to SEX as of Tuesday and the evidence is below.

Bring back the OG JEFFERY. 

But alas, incomplete visa applications mean SEX will not be playing his siq tracks to us anytime soon.

SEX fans, take a moment to cry. We all know what it’s like to buy tickets to a concert we’ve been waiting ages for only to have it cancelled.

But never fear because the good people behind the upcoming Sydney fest have announced local babe, Tkay Maidza will be taking his place and TBH, we’re not even mad. Soz Young Thug.

If you don’t know Tkay Maidza, she’s been making waves with bangers like Simulation and M.O.B and damn will they make you bop. Anddd she’s already rocked the stages at Splendour In The Grass, Readings & Leeds, and Falls Festival. This girl ain’t no newbie so you’re definitely in good hands.

It may be its inaugural show but Sydney City Lights are really pulling out the big guns. The rest of the bloody epic line-up includes good ol’ Tash Sultana, The Avalanches, Dune Rats, Sigrid, and Gangs of Youths.

If you haven’t managed to get tickets, you can just cry at all the onslaught of festival pics on Insta like we will. Yay.