Watch Sydney Legend Elizabeth Rose’s Moving Pro-Marriage Equality Filmclip

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to be able to say something strongly through your art – to really lay yourself bare and create a thing that speaks to the very core of your beliefs, and to express that outwardly in visual, aural, or written way.
It doesn’t always hit the mark with everyone – realistically, that’s kinda the whole point of participating in art in the first place TBH – but it done right, the honesty behind it can’t really be denied.
Sydney electro-pop songwriting champion Elizabeth Rose has just dropped a new single that lays bare an issue that’s not only very near and dear to her, but at the forefront of Australia’s cultural melting pot at the moment – Marriage Equality.
The filmclip for the new single – entitled “Division” – tackles that in both a raw, and incredibly heartwarming way; dealing thematically with issues like isolation, love, support, and the struggle with familial acceptance.
It’s a deftly crafted little four minutes, and the song itself ticks all the boxes on the ole’ Tommy Haverford is it a banger?” checklist.

As an added bonus, and as a way to make you feel all good and warm and fuzzy on the inside whilst jammin’ out to some sweet new CHOONS, Elizabeth Rose is donating 100% of profits from sales made in the next two weeks to the Australian Marriage Equality, who are leading the fight to get marriage equality legislation through our Federal Parliaments.
Two good birds with one mad stone! Aces!