WATCH: Relax, Ya Boy Frank Ocean Is Alive & Hooning With Tyler, The Creator

Good news, Frank Ocean fans: the man is alive… for the time being.

We know this much ’cause a Snapchat video from A$AP Rocky shows the enigmatic R’n’B king hooning around with Odd Future co-conspirator Tyler, The Creator. 

Honestly, why wouldn’t one of the most precious and eternally-hyped artists of this generation risk his life / our artistic satisfaction by laying down snakeys in the middle of the night?

Frank takes the W for winning the race and re-affirming the crew’s friendship, but cops a point deduction for not dominating in one of his souped-up mid-90s BMW M30s. 

Also, for selfishly putting himself in harm’s way when Boys Don’t Cry remains nothing but an illusion for 99% of the population.
Where’s the album, Frank.

Where’s the album.