Watch: Oh Lordy ‘White Girls’, An On Point Parody Of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ And White Girls

Presented without commentary – because it’s already a scathing enough critique as it is – the first verse, chorus and full music video for Oh LordyWhite Girls‘, which bills itself as “a parody of Lorde’s Royals and those who love it.”

I’ve never seen a rapper in the flesh/But I watch Jay-Z videos on TV/I’m pretty proud of my address/In this suburb town, my zip code’s trendy/And everyday’s like Snapchat, smoothies, sales at Abercrombie, Burt’s Bees, burn books, texting like a zombie/We don’t care, our daddy’s cover our data plans/And we’re always like half-caff lite-whip soy-milk frappacino, flip flops, Fendi bags, “yoga pants are real clothes”/We don’t care, we think life turned out pretty fair/Because we’ll always be white girls/It’s easy being us/We make our face look like ducks/And we’ve got writing on our butts/See me in your news feed/Queen of the selfie/Yes baby I won the DNA lottery.