WATCH: Gaga Leapt Off The Fkn Roof To Slay The Super Bowl Half Time Show

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No guests, no surprises, just a straight-up slaying. That’s how Lady Gaga managed to stun an entire stadium at the Super Bowl just now.
Gaga tore up the stage for the Super Bowl Half Time show with a performance that included a slew of her biggest hits, a healthy amount of fire, and a honest-to-blog keytar.
And oh yeah, she started the whole thing off by jumping off the dang roof.
Beginning the show with a quick g’day to America from high up on the roof of NRG Stadium, Gaga then leap off, descending from the ceiling like a literal angel and down to the stage below where she casually rattled off a little ‘Poker Face.’
The stage, which kept evolving as the show on, then played host to Gaga’s bevy of dancers as she belted out ‘Born This Way‘ and ‘Telephone,’ before the aforementioned keytar came out for ‘Just Dance.’
A quick costume change and a little (exceptionally cute) shout out to her Mum and Dad later, we had our cool-down moment with ‘Million Reasons,’ before ‘Bad Romance‘ and the mother of all mic drops spirited her away from the stadium, leaving just about everyone scrambling to search for the shit they just lost.
Footage is, quite obviously, a little hard to come by at this stage, but here’s an extremely unofficial upload of it on YouTube that you should watch as soon as you can, because the clock’s ticking on how long it’ll be up for.
UPDATE: It’s already been nuked, but the official (sadly unembeddable) video is up now via THIS FANCY LINK.
It’s Gaga’s world, and we are all but dirt on her shoes.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty.