Watch: Elle Fanning, Deerhunter and Rodarte Team Up

On Monday we marveled at the teaser (and personnel) for sartorially-minded short film The Curve of Forgotten Things, a Nowness funded collab between photographer/filmmaker Todd Cole, 12 year old Somewhere star Elle Fanning, Atlanta four-piece Deerhunter and Rodarte linchpins Kate and Laura Mulleavy. We had our reservations but the full video premiered overnight and it’s just as awesome as that talent pool might suggest.

Explains “The Somewhere star pirouettes through the empty rooms of the historic Baldwin House (which sits on an oil field in LA’s Baldwin Hills), her outfits magically changing from one room to the next. Shot on a RED camera using Cooke lenses from the 70s, the short’s dusty focus references seminal movies of that era, such as Terrence Malick’s Badlands, while Georgia-based indie rockers Deerhunter provide the dreamy soundtrack. As for the title, Cole explains: “It’s the title of a Richard Brautigan poem. The poem and the film are about forgotten things-circles and the curve of time.””