WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Mocks The Trump / Turnbull Call At Melb Gig

Bruce Springsteen always tends to be in Australia just when something huge and/or stupid happens in America, so his legendary stage banter is generally directed thataway. The man’s a committed Democrat and a known lover of this country, so it was almost certain he was going to address the infamous Donald Trump / Malcolm Turnbull phone call.

Well, he did. “We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight,” he said onstage. It’s okay, Bruce. We don’t really consider ‘politician’ a venerated position of honour and respect in this country – it’s totally fine that Turnbull got dunked on.
He proceeded to cover Don’t Hang Up, a 1965 tune by The Orlons. Have a watch:
Source: Vulture.
Photo: Getty Images.