When we spoke with Architecture In Helsinki at last month’s Playground Weekender, they said this of their Krozm-directed video for “Contact High”: “It’s being shot in Paris with an androgynous sexy Frenchman with blonde hair. And he is kind of overcome by sexual desire and everything in his room starts becoming sexual objects.” The video premiered over the weekend and everything in that description comes to fruition – especially the “sexy”/”sexual” parts.

SXC. We already called “Contact High” the most appropriately titled track of 2011 (shit’s as instantaneous as 7 gram crack rocks) but the clip is just as memorable too, especially if you appreciate the burgeoning world of “voyeur” pornography. Watch on as some hands fondle a gender ambiguous Patrick Bateman while the band observe from the safety of a picture frame.

The band’s fifth LP “Moment Bends” is out April 8 via Modular Records.