V Raw Job Of The Week – Hobogestapo

Company: Hobogestapo

Description: Hobogestapo is the photography agency and collective arm of Hobodyne. We have photographers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris and New York. Traditionally we’ve been predominantly involved in music and nightlife but we’re playing around in fashion, fine art and commercial photography, too.

Position: Photographer

Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid until you’ve proven yourself. Then paid!

Length of contract: 3 months part time (mostly nights) with the option of transitioning into infinity.

Start date – end date: We don’t even care!

Job Description: Hobogestapo, a photography collective/agency/website is looking for a young, preferably upstart photographer to join its ranks. In doing so, you’ll be in a womb like environment that nurtures your talent, ego and eye. We like finding new, unproven photographers and helping them to release their talent in some kind of superhero transformation cliché. As one of us, you’ll be going to various parties, festivals, concerts and events and documenting what you see. You’ll have access to camera equipment and studio space. We’ll push you to explore your ideas and personal projects while teaching you the fundamentals of the business
side of photography, too. By the end of it you’ll be getting paid to shoot a range of jobs spanning music, fashion, advertising and whatever else comes our way.

– Upload a small portfolio of 10 photos, either a project you’ve done or a thematically similar selection. Include some information about yourself, your background in photography and why you want this gig.

Requirements & Preferred Experience:
You should have the following ingredients from which we can bake you into a party pix wunderkind cake:
• A professional DSLR camera and hot-shoe mounted external flash. Preferably Canon or Nikon.
• Shooting for at least a year, professional or otherwise.
• Knowledge and love of art, art history, photography and design.
• Just enough social awkwardness to be endearing
• Experience using Apple’s Aperture or Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop
• Your own Tumblr is a bonus.