[UPDATED] Is The Annandale Closing Down?

Last drinks may have been called at one of Sydney’s most iconic live music venues with The Annandale reportedly going into receivership today.  Recent financial troubles have been well documented with 2011’s “buy-a-brick” campaign allowing local fans and musicians the opportunity to buy into their favourite venue’s rich history. Raising over $50k, the campaign successfully quelled pressures from the substantial debts momentarily but it appears the ride is finally over.

Our goal when purchasing the hotel was to support Australia’s emerging talent by providing a space for them to perform, for as long as possible.” Wrote co-owner Dan Rule in a impassioned plea to punters when noise/trading restrictions threatened the Hotel’s financial viability 2005. 

Should The Annandale cease operating as a live music venue, it will leave a substantial stale, stinky, bear soaked hole in Sydney’s live music landscape. 


Team Annandale look set to continue soldiering on in the face of their crippling debts. With musicians, media personalities, and the Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne, speaking out in support of the venue, punters can rest easy in the knowledge that the Annandale will remain a live music venue – at least in the short term. More to come…

The Annandale doing what it does best: