A UK Band Bumped Themselves Up A Festival Lineup & Fans Caught Them Out

It’s totally a-ok, as a band, to be crabby about your position on an announced festival lineup; music, after all, is a vicious business that all too often prioritises aesthetics and marketability over actual blood-and-tears talent. But to be sure, this has got to be one of the all-time strangest ways to go about expressing how cut you are.

The Sherlocks, an indie band from the UK, were part of the massive lineup of the 2018 Y Not Festival in Derbyshire, near Sheffield.

The lineup features headliners like The LibertinesJamiroquai, and the Manic Street Preachers, and generally looks like a good-ass time.

Shortly after the lineup was announced, the band took to Twitter to share their excitement by posting the festival’s official lineup announcement poster, which featured the band reasonably high up on the bill.


Here’s a screenshot of the tweet in case the band decides to delete it anytime soon:

Only thing there is that image does not exactly lineup up with the one the festival itself tweeted out. Or any of the other appearances of the image, which all have The Amazons in the spot The Sherlocks occupy in their version of the image.

The only real logical conclusion you can draw here is that The Sherlocks photoshopped themselves higher up the bill because… something?

Punters with keen eyes were quick to point out just how outrageously silly the whole thing is.



The band has also apparently begun doing that fun thing where they block any random punter on Twitter who questions them about the truly bizarre decision.

What the hell would motivate you to calmly drop something like that in the hopes that no one notices? Seething jealousy? A burgeoning BritPop rivalry between The Sherlocks and The Amazons that’ll hit Oasis/Blur proportions? Intense, blinding stupidity?

It’s probably a little of all three, to be honest. And frankly, it’s bloody hilarious.