Two More Prominent Triple M Hosts Have Spoken Out Against The ‘Ozzest 100’

A pair of high profile Triple M hosts have spoken out on-air against the network’s decision to run their Ozzest 1o0 countdown on January 26th; a countdown being run seemingly as a pisstaking effort against Triple J‘s highly commended decision to move the Hottest 100 away from Australia Day as a mark of respect for Indigenous Australians.

Drive hosts Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy have used their show to express their disappointment at their employer’s decision, with Molloy expressing a desire to see Australia Day moved away from January 26 in order to see it become a day that “everyone can enjoy.”

I’m speaking for myself here, but I would like to see Australia Day moved so everyone can enjoy it. If you want to do it, include everyone. Keep the public holiday, remove the date and everyone can enjoy it together. 

Molloy and Kennedy also spoke to Dan Sultan, who detailed to Triple M listeners exactly why January 26 isn’t a cause for wild celebration for Australia’s first nations people.

Molloy and Kennedy speaking out against the Ozzest 100 follows on from Breakfast host Wil Anderson expressing his extreme disappointment on Twitter in the wake of Triple M’s announcement.

This means hosts from Triple M’s two most listened-to timeslots – Breakfast and Drive – have spoken against the station’s decision to run the Ozzest 100.

Triple M management, for what it’s worth, remains steadfastly behind their decision to run the countdown on January 26 as a way to flip an incredibly weird middle finger to Triple J, its listeners, and music made by “hipsters on a Mac.”

Voting lines are still open for the countdown. We’re not telling you that you should be voting en masse for the hot A.B. Original jam January 26 or anything.

We’re just saying that we know first-hand that Briggs gives pretty dang good advice. It’d be wise to follow it.