As we reported over the weekend, 20 drug busts went down on the first day of NSW’s Subsonic Music Festival – and coppers were already threatening to end the festival

Superintendent Chris Craner of the Port Stephens LAC told media:

“Police are disappointed and shocked with the number of people carrying drugs and personally putting their own health and the health of others at risk. Consuming a prohibited drug is extremely dangerous – you don’t know what is in the drug, how and where it has been manufactured, or what effects it can have on your body. 

Port Stephens Local Area Command officers will continue to arrest people in possession of or supplying prohibited drugs at these events.” 

The illegal activities at these events will put the future of any such event in this area in serious jeopardy.”

Now, police are reporting that another 20 arrests occurred on the second day of the festival. 

The electronic festival based in Monkerai was patrolled by police and sniffer dogs, and 17 arrests for possession and three for supply went down on just the Friday. 

On the Saturday, all 20 were charged with possession, plus two ‘cannabis cautions were issued’.

Drugs found from those arrested on the Saturday included various illicit drugs including amphetamines, LSD, Ketamine, cannabis and ecstasy.

According to a release from NSW Police, the cops are “disappointed” that recreational drug users who have specially purchased a ticket to a event to take and be surrounded by other like-minded drug users while listening to music renowned for its connection to recreational drug use, are not heeding the police warnings. 

The event ended at around 10pm last night, but thre’s no word yet on how many – or if any – arrests were made on the Sunday. 

Most of the people arrested will face Dungog Local Court on 11 January 2016.

Source: NSW Police

Photo: Subsonic / Instagram.