The Walkmen – You and Me

Remember The Walkmen? I used to awkwardly half dance/half mosh alone in my bedroom to tracks like “The Rat” and “House of Little Savages” off ’04’s critically acclaimed “Bows + Arrows”. Maybe thats why I have a soft spot for them, and maybe while I’ll always be interested in what they’re up to…

Well they are set to release a new album come Aug. 19 entitled “You & Me” following 2006’s A Hundred Miles Off. You & Me sets out to capture (their words not mine) “the intimacy and energy of Elvis Presley’s and Buddy Holly’s early recordings.”

The track list is as follows:

1. “Dónde Está la Playa”
2. “Flamingos (for Colbert)”
3. “On the Water”
4. “In the New Year”
5. “Seven Years of Holidays (for Stretch)”
6. “Postcards From Tiny Islands”
7. “Red Moon”
8. “Canadian Girl”
9. “Four Provinces”
10. “Long Time Ahead of Us”
11. “The Blue Route”
12. “New Country”
13. “I Lost You”
14. “If Only It Were True”