The Temper Trap Now Blink 182 Approved

If you’re a fan of Blink 182 you’ll be happy to learn that Mark Hoppus (the one that vaguely resembles Chandler Bing from Friends) pens a weekly column for Spin Magazine. In it, Hoppus recommends bands he likes and this week the Blink 182 bassist praises Melbourne lads The Temper Trap.

This year alone the London based four-piece have garnered a Perez Hilton endorsement, a “500 Days Of Summer” trailer and a Mark Hoppus recommendation. That covers off housewives, indie kids and aging Warped Tour attendees or every human being on planet earth right now.

It’s great for The Temper Trap and all but the best part of the column is Hoppus’ riveting account of how he discovered the band: “Actually, from my friend Justin, who turned me on to Ladyhawke. We were driving to go to lunch, and Temper Trap were playing at the Roxy that night. We saw their name on the marquee, and he was like ‘You gotta check these guys out. They’re really amazing.’ I checked them out, and they were.”