The Presets “Talk Like That” Video

The brand new clip from everyone’s favourite feral-house band The Presets.

The video for “Talk Like That” is pretty much what I’d imagine a 2008, American Apparel endorsed, post bloghouse recession, sequel to Girl Interrupted to be like. Except instead of Angie or Winone, we’ve got Valentine Fillol Cordier.

Either way there’s no James Mangold directing it this time either, we have Jonas & Francois of Madonna+JT “4 Minutes” / Justice “D.A.N.C.E.” fame mapping the voyage. J&F seem to be then men to work with at the moment, especially if you consider the cred/$$$ of the acts they’ve done stuff with of late:

Madonna.Feat.Justin.Timberlake.Timbaland – 4 Minutes from nano oversound on Vimeo.

Justice-Dance from cstone on Vimeo

+Bonus interview/behind the scenes of a Nike commercial:

Jonas & Fran̤ois РMaking of Nike from Simon El̩phant on Vimeo.

Title Image “Talk Like That” Cover Art