The Kid LAROI Revealed His Debut Album (!!!) Titled ‘The First Time’ Is Gonna Land This Year

the kid laroi album the first time

The Kid LAROI is setting himself up for a bloody mammoth year with the announcement that his debut album is going to land sometime soon. While he hasn’t shared the exact date the record will be with us, he has revealed the first single will be dropping early next week.

The 19-year-old Kamilaroi man (also known as Charlton Howard) teased the album’s release on Friday with a short video on Instagram.

It flashes through a bunch of short clips of him doing all the typical ratbag shit teenagers do — painting his nails, skating, jumping into pools fully clothed, smoking darts, fucking around with fireworks and kissing crushes.

“You always remember the first time,” LAROI said in the vid.

“The first time you fall in love. The first time you get caught. The first time you feel shame. The first real kiss.”

The first single from The Kid LAROI’s upcoming album will land on January 19 (next Tuesday). Instead of announcing the track itself, LAROI asked fans to comment with which song they want him to drop. It’s certainly an interesting play — and a great way to get bulk engagement — and I guess we’ll find out what that new bop is in the coming days.

It’s absolutely unreal that LAROI is only just unleashing a full-length album now, considering he’s been fully killing it for the last few years.

Between his F*CK LOVE mixtape in 2020, absolutely decimating the charts with Justin Bieber and getting announced for this year’s Coachella Festival, it feels surreal that a debut album hasn’t come from the Aussie rapper until now. You’d think he would have an extensive catalogue with the amount he’s kicking ass in the music scene.

While we don’t know exact deets of when The First Time is going to land, or what tracks will feature on the album, we’re hoping we’ll hear something, anything, from the time LAROI was in the studio with Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker. Or maybe a collab with The Wiggles?

Truly anything can happen here in this new first time for The Kid LAROI.