The Grates’ Patience Hodgson Gets A Makeover

Okay so maybe The Grates are a little passe these days but damned if their smiley high-kick enthusiasm and crafternoon brand of kookiness hasn’t taken up permanent residence in a warm, tiny section of our hearts. The Brisbane band been keeping things pretty low-profile lately – no technicolour onesies or confetti cannons have been blipping on the radar… until today when we spotted their oft-caped lead singer Patience Hodgson featured on

She was photographed around the streets of her Brooklyn home and seems to have reinvented herself with a bangin new look – that seems to have been modeled on Sia Furler. She looks completely different so it’s no wonder we haven’t seen her around. Check out your girl with her new cropped blonde ‘do showcasing a mix of vintage inspired outfits and accessories from Betsey Johnson, Cassette Society, Gloria Vanderbilt, Alannah Hill, and Linda Clifford.

And for those of you wondering when The Grates will be returning from their hiatus, the band will be heading back to their Brisbane home in August to perform at the Ekka – the royal queensland show and yes there will be showbags, farm animals, buttered corn on the cob and, presumably, technicolour onesies and confetti cannons.

Via images from StyleCaster