Taylor Swift Pens Upbeat Op-Ed For ‘The Wall Street Journal’ On “The Future Of Music”

She of the many famous gal pals, seven Grammy’s and enough followers to take down The Holy Roman Empire, has written an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal which bears the title: ‘For Taylor Swift, the Future of Music Is a Love Story.’

Never Forget. 

The piece outlines her hopes and predictions for the music industry “in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years.” Swifty briefly explores the economic relevancy of “the album,” the dreaded music piracy, the value of art, how selfies are the new autographs, her belief that “artists will get record deals because they have fans—not the other way around” and that fans need to be surprised – never shocked, the crumbling of genre distinction and, all the while, remains predictably upbeat (perky, even).

At times, like when she’s talking about the “dozens of special guest performers” she brought on tour, it can be hard not to [eye rolling intensifies]. Or when she talks about a friend of hers “who is an actress,” but then she goes on to explain how said actress won out her part throughout the audition process because she had more Twitter followers than her competitors. Which sure is interesting.

So the world may say, or draw, what it will about Taylor Swift

 ….but at the end of the day she’ll “just be sitting back and growing old, watching all of this happen or not happen, all the while trying to maintain a life rooted in this same optimism” whilst sitting atop her vast mountains of gold. 

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Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images.