Taka Perry & A.GIRL Go The Rare Kanye/Kendrick Double For An All-Time ‘Like A Version’

One of the small wins for this cursed hell year is the return of new Like A Version covers to our ears every Friday morning. While certain remixes of iconic 90s Euro-dance tracks might have tried to steal our attention, there was nothing that could stop the goosebumps from Taka Perry and A.GIRL putting a powerful local spin on two huge tracks from Kanye WestKendrick Lamar and SZA.

Jesus Walks and All The Stars are two huge tracks in their own right, but as soon as the Canberra-based producer Taka blended them together, and brought in A.GIRL in to drop heavy rhymes about living in Western Sydney during the Black Lives Matter movement, it just went to a whole new level.

On top of that, Emalia & Gia Vorne joined them in the Triple J studios to weave some glorious harmonies blend together the two massive tracks, turning this week’s Like A Version into a stunning statement on injustices towards people of colour in Australia.

The people love it too, and I’ve no doubt in my mind the text-line absolutely lit up when this Like A Version dropped this morning.


It cannot be denied: That is an absolute jam and a half.

Welcome back, Like A Version. You’ve been missed.