Taylor Swift Ends The Suspense & Announces Her New Album ‘Reputation’

For those of you who have spent every waking minute over the past few days speculating about what Taylor Swift might or might not be up to: you may rest. Sleep. There are answers now.

Swifty has confirmed that her sixth album, named Reputation, is on its way. It’ll drop on November 10, with a first single hitting the internet tomorrow.

She also posted the album art on Instagram, which makes it pretty clear the subject of the album is probably the media, the transience of fame, the soullessness of celebrity, etc. She’s at that phase of her career, alright?

I’m still holding onto my firm belief that either her next release or the one after will be a back to basics country album named Nashville. The moment the betting markets open up on that shit I’m putting my house down.

Swift’s been teasing Reputation over the past few days with videos of snakes, which is clearly a way of reclaiming the trillions of snake emojis that have been volleyed at her in response to her feuds with Kim KardashianKanye West and Katy Perry.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, folks.