Taylor Swift Breaks Silence To Post A Snake & Holy Shit Is New Music Coming?

After scrubbing her entire social media accounts last week, Taylor Swift has returned to the world of online with an ominous snake video.

T-Swift has obviously been associated with the snake emoji since the whole Taylor-Kim-Kanye feud of 2016, after which Instagram brought in updates to stop people spamming her posts with it.

Fans, desperate for new music after T-Swift didn’t release an album on the two-year mark (as is her trademark), reckon this might hint that new music is finally coming.

It’s been three long years since Tay Tay released ‘1989’, and fans are going deep on conspiracies about what her sixth album might possibly look like.


There’s a not totally unfounded conspiracy that it will have something to do with ‘time’. It stared when Scott Borchetta, the CEO of the label Taylor is signed to (and the one credited with discovering her in the first place) tweeted, “You can’t recycle wasted time”, and fans started leaping on every possible mention of the word.


One fan even reckons one lyric will read, “It feels like we crossed paths at exactly the right time and place,” after a greeting cards company (yes, really), which boasts a Facebook page liked by the official Taylor Swift Facebook page, posted the quote around the same time as Taylor’s snake post.

Us Weekly is reporting that Taylor is releasing the first single from her new album this Friday August 25, according to “multiple sources”, with a music video also premiering this week.

“The song is poppy,” said one source, while another added: “She’s being very secretive about it, but it’s going to be a really good one.”

The details, fam. I can hardly keep up.