Superorganism Play God By Melding MGMT *And* Post Malone For Like A Version

London-based collective Superorganism osmosed into Triple J’s studios this morning to lay down a Like A Version that almost entirely encapsulates their brand of seemingly chaotic indie-pop.

Honestly, try to find us another band which could successfully smash together MGMT‘s Congratulations with, uh, Post Malone’s Congratulations. Frontwoman Orono Noguchi‘s deadpan delivery looms over the band’s Moog gurgles, vocal harmonies, and deceptively tight rhythm work.

It works on a conceptual level, too. The Venn diagram of MGMT, a cornerstone of playful and experimental indie, and Post Malone, an internet-driven meme machine come to life, has Superorganism smack bang in the middle.

Listen to this one a few times and you might want to play the flute in a makeshift drum circle, too. Check it out, shoey and all: