Start Up Launches Tomorrow

Pedestrian Jobs have teamed up with Macleay College to present Start Up, a series of talks featuring eight amazing speakers, like minded people and endless wells of advice and inspiration. If you’ve registered, you’ll hear about the career trajectories of documentary maker John Safran, media personality Kate Waterhouse, publican de jour Jaime Wirth, food blogger Fooderati, MTV Creative Director Sven Muller and representatives from fashion indie Russh Magazine, e-tailer The Grand Social and agency Naked Communications.

For those who’ve registered (and for those who haven’t) here are a few things to note…

– The timetable has been released (see below) so plan and stalk accordingly.

– We’ll be live tweeting using the hashtag #startup. Follow the Pedestrian Jobs twitter account here.

– We’ll be filming too so if you’ve forgotten to register/violated parole keep an eye out for full speaker videos in the coming months.