Splendour Goers Freak Out As Sky Unleashes Hail

If you are one of the many of us who waved bitter goodbyes to friends and colleagues bound for Splendour In The Grass you can temporarily set your dials from ‘Glum’ to ‘Smug’ because the Byron Bay skies just unleashed hell. Moments ago it started hailing, and those on deck – particularly those who were advised the weather would be ‘Sunny and 22’ as forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology – subsequently freaked out, sharing the news of the hailstorm on all avenues of social media.

Video via Pedestrian’s onsite Splendour crew:

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook going #SITG #HAIL crazy:

“Splendour in the Hail” by Claudio Kirac.

Our on the ground team have just given us the update that hail has stopped and the skies are clearing. Instant smug deflation 🙁