Spice Girls Fans Really, Really Want Refunds After Major Reunion Tour Tech Issues

Spice Girls

Lucky Spice Girls fans in various parts of the UK have been the first in the world to see the girls on their reunion tour and I’ll tell you what they want, what they really, really want: their money back.

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Concertgoers are demanding refunds after complaining about bad sound for the second time during their comeback tour.

The group took to the stage at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium on Monday evening but audience members struggled to hear the music properly, The Sun reports.

Their first show back after seven years, at Dublin’s Croke Park, copped similar complaints, with some fans reportedly walking out.

Disgruntled fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment over the sound issues.

“Okay so @spicegirls was so much fun however the sound was atrocious and you could not hear what they actually said,” one fan wrote. “So disappointing when you pay so much for a once in a life time opportunity.”

“@spicegirls not much better in Cardiff… The sound was awful again.. What a way to spend money! #refundplease,” tweeted another.





Mel B previously took to Instagram after one show to share a video from bed where she admitted that the sound wasn’t the best but promised that it would improve for future shows.

“Hey guys, thank you for attending our show tonight in Dublin. We will see you in Cardiff and hopefully the sound and vocals will be much much better.”

Whoever’s fucking up the sound had better STOP right now.