Someone’s Cooked Up A Kanye West Hoax That Seems Too Legit To Ignore

Kanye West’s career has reached a weird point where hoaxes in his name are difficult to rule out, so a new, cryptic website bearing his moniker is mighty intriguing – even if it has been shot down by his own representatives. 

Today, MTV’s office received a package containing a VHS tape with the label “E Pluribus Unum”, a rock in a small plastic case, and a bank card bearing the text NASA“, “Project-10”, “Kanye West”, “8/10”, and “772233688”. 

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The rock didn’t do much of anything, outside of being a rock. The tape played two hours of meaningless static. However, that longer number did lead to a website containing a video of more static, and the date March 20. In case you don’t have a calendar handy and are unaware of today’s date, March 20 is this Monday.

After news of the weird package broke, a Twitter user shared another oddity – an ad bearing Yeezy’s name and the same weird numbers on the Atlanta subway.

MTV posited that, based on the evidence, it could actually be related to Young Thug’s track Kanye West. A postmark found on the parcel traced it back to Atlanta, Thugger’s stomping ground, and there hasn’t been a video for the tune. Yet.

Def Jam have responded to MTV regarding this one, and they say it’s got absolutely nothin’ to do with Team Ye, but that only confirms the man himself isn’t involved. So many questions remain: who’d put all that effort in? Why stump up the funds for a subway ad? What’s all this for?
Hilary Hughes, the MTV journo tasked with writing the yarn up, has also asked the same Q’s.

As for where that leaves us: come Monday, we’re either going to be treated to absolutely nothing, a new Young Thug clip, a double-surprise new Yeezy record, or we’re going to watch a livestream of him being shot to the moon.