Kanye West’s second opera Mary debuted on Sunday night, and in true Kanye fashion, he dressed up as the fucking Tin Man.


Who really knows anymore, but it turns out painting your entire body silver isn’t exactly flattering.

The 42-year-old was photographed outside Miami’s Marine Stadium in what I can only describe as either a weather balloon, or the fucked up lovechild of the Tin Man and the Silver Surfer.

Unlike his previous opera, Kanye will actually be involved in the stage show of this story instead of narrating from behind a curtain, according to TMZ.

So what’s up with the silver suit?

I don’t know a lot about the opera, which is named after The Virgin Mary, but I’m pretty confident in my religious education and I don’t remember any tin men in the bible.

Shooting stars, maybe? Angels? Teapots? Who knows. Kanye West is the king of surprises.

Sure, we could wait and see why he’s dressed in head-to-toe silver. But where’s the fun in that?

Here are my five best guesses as to what the absolute fuck Kanye West could possibly be dressing up as for his opera performance.

Balloon Boy:

Ahh, remember Balloon Boy? The boy who got stuck in a weather balloon that turned out to be a giant hoax? Maybe that’s the energy Kanye West was going for.

kanye silver weather balloon

Cloud Gate (The Chicago Bean):

Easily the world’s most famous bean.

chicago bean

A Spoon:

The resemblance is uncanny.


The Silver Surfer:

Kanye West doesn’t have the same figure as the Silver Surfer and I’ve never seen him surf, but he IS silver.

kanye silver surfer

The Tin Man:

Kanye West’s makeup artist absolutely had to have this picture on their mood board. I’ll be damned if Kanye’s not wearing this exact shade of Tin Man silver face paint.

tin man

Image: Reuters / Twitter - @yeezytaughtyou