Skrillex Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stage Diving On A Punter

Your favourite ‘news’ outlet, TMZ, is reporting that Jennifer Fraissl, who attended a Skrillex show at the Belasco Theatre in LA back in 2012, has filed a suit after allegedly being dubstepped on stage-dived on by Sonny John Moore a.k.a your boi Skrilly.

According to her lawyer, at the end of a reportedly Skrillexplosive show, Skrilly leapt from a table on-stage into the crowd of awaiting Skrillextologists, and landed on her person. She is suing for the trauma, a stroke she later experienced and is asking for unspecified damages to cover medical expenses, loss of income et cetera.

Fraissl will need to show that the performer used Skrillexcessive force in his stage dive, thus injuring her, and then provide Skrillexamples of how said ‘injury’ has impacted upon her day-to-day life. Otherwise, she will need to show that the dive Skrillexasperated a Skrillexisting condition and resulted in the stroke she later suffered.

If she can prove that, it is also likely that the Belasco Theatre, by Skrillextension, will be found to have been Skrillextremely negligent in not stopping Skrill from jumping.

No doubt video footage will need to be Skrillexamined to determine Skrillexactly what happened and see if there were any Skrillextenuating circumstances.

Speaking of which, this video may show the leap in question – it’s from the right night and seems to fit the description – yet to be confirmed:

If it does turn out to be, she should really also consider suing for a dud show, as this dive/vibe/show climax is decidedly not Skrillexcellent.

via TMZ
Image via Getty