Sia Is Working With Diplo On One Of Her New Albums

Wheel of Fortune answer personified and all-around delight Sia has long since retired from her ineffectual semi-retirement that was never really going to work out for anyone except Rihanna and is officially working on one of her three new albums with expressive genre-straddling producer Diplo. I really hope it’s the animated pop project one. 
Diplo recently #humblebragged to Rolling Stone
I have a lot of production that’s about to come out. Everything from Tinie Tempah to Chris Brown to Sia. I have a lot of records coming out.” 
Producer and recurring character in the star-studded sitcom of Sia’s Twitter feedGreg Kurstin, also told the magazine and thus confirmed music’s worst kept secret, “We’re making an album.” 
I know she said she was semi-retired, but we’re doing an album. I’m producing it and it’s really fun. She’s awesome.”
A balladic new Sia song, Kill and Run, will also appear on the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, out May.
To celebrate, I gift unto you this photograph and below that 30 seconds of new Sia (at 5:35). Have a wonderful day.
Photos: Mark Metcalfe, Leon Fernando via Getty