R9 IS COMING: Rihanna’s Record Label Has Started Tweeting Some Cryptic Shit

A few days ago, Rihanna trolled our demanding and undeserving asses by posting a ‘gram making light of the fact that we’re yet to have R9 (check out that troll sesh HERE). Now, it seems like her 9th studio album may be closer to arrival than we thought, with new hints being dropped on the web.

[jwplayer yiye2HNG]

Def Jam Recording, Rih’s label, posted a cryptic Illuminati-esque image on Twitter today, alongside a diamond emoji.

Subsequently, ‘R9 tomorrow’ has been trending, with Rihanna Navy coming to the conclusion that it’s going to be dropped at some point this weekend. This theory is based on… no evidence whatsoever but, given that Rih famously promised that it’d arrive this year, many are holding her to that claim in the final days of 2019.

It’s more wishful thinking that anything, and who can blame them? It’s been 4 years.

Given that Rih herself has low-key confirmed that R9 is essentially finito and ready to rumble, I’ll continue to hold onto the hope that she’ll drop it any day now. In the meantime, Twitter will continue to conspire about ways to steal R9.

Exhibit A:


Either way, this new image of Rihanna has me thinking that she’s going to be channelling some old Illuminati Rated R era vibes, and I’m so bloody down.