Retrenched HMV Employee Goes Rogue On Company Twitter Account

In addition to dismal Christmas sales and bankruptcy, upper management at Britain’s iconic HMV music chain have had their ineptitude with social media exposed after a disgruntled employee was able to hijack the company’s Twitter account and live posted the latest round of mass lay-offs.

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The company eventually regained control of their social media but not before HMV’s 60,000 followers became privy to the retail giant’s latest woes. The digital music boom has rocked the retail industry yet, no matter how niche the market becomes, there will always be a demand for CDs and records. It’s still unclear as to whether corporate chains can revise their structures to viably compete in the smaller markets or if a lifeline has been thrown to the independent stores, but this time at least, the man was well and truly damned.

via Fast Company
Picture by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images