The Ratdog Alex Dyson Dropped A Pun So Hot It’s Worthy Of A Hottest 100 Spot

It’s Hottest 100 day, it’s a bloody Sunday, it’s not even a public holiday yet, and I’m still working it. So you bet your ass I’m gonna casually sip froths all shift and write yarns about single puns that appear on social media. You bet your goddamned ass that’s how it’s all going down. And to that end, Alex Dyson is my cheap gag king on this afternoon inside and on-the-clock. Full ledge, that bloke.

Though he’s no longer on the airwaves at Triple J, helping the government broadcaster deliver its annual list of big tunes and hot hot hits, the blessed Ratdog is still making his presence known on the day thanks to a joke so stupid and good it’s getting it’s own stupid and good article right here.

It’s from Instagram, it’s a light pun, and it’s executed in fifth gear at about 150%. Exactly the Ratdog way we all know, love, and cherish.

Droppin’ bangers.

Get it?

Get it???

GET IT????

You fucken ledge, Dyso. You bloody ripper. You good old china. You absolute top kent.

Any Hottest 100 that has even the most tangential input from Alex Dyson is better than any that doesn’t.

Now to sit back, take a big sip of mid-shift piss, and wait for the “how is this news” comments to roll in. I love it. They’re great, to me.